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Wrought Iron Art

St. Philips Wrought Iron Fence

Ever since I was a little girl in Charleston, black wrought Iron gates had always been a fascinating work of Art. So fascinating, that I have always found an opportunity to use black wrought iron in my own garden décor. My current garden uses a black wrought bistro set and a Charleston bench. I modernize these more traditional pieces with bright pillows and contemporary patio furniture and accessories.

Philip Simmons, artisan

I remember reading a local Charleston newspaper article about a craftsman and artist, Mr. Philip Simmons, whose gates and fences adorned many Charleston homes and businesses. This artisan’s work was so fascinating and so skillfully meticulous and beautiful that it earned him a place in the Smithsonian Institute.

Recently, my wrought iron fascination resurfaced, so I decided to learn more about Mr. Simmons, prompting me to take a trip back home to revisit some of the artistic influences. His work gives new meaning to curb appeal.

A wrought iron gate goes beyond a mere appeal. It is a piece of art that calls upon the visitor to stop, look at the curves of the more ornamental gates, or the straight lines of the simpler elegant forms. These designs transform the city into an outdoor art museum. Take a look at the variety of wrought iron Charleston designs that could transform your own front yards or back gardens into an aesthetically inviting sanctuary. The average home would avoid the more ornamental styles, but they can serve as beautiful design inspiration on a more practical scale.