• The "A" Team

Intriguing Entryways

First impressions are vital in capturing the interest of those around you. You groom yourself to look fresh faced and welcoming, so why not treat your front door the same? Your entryway is your home's first impression, and if you want to wow your visitors, here's some designer inspiration that you can emulate in your own space.

A bold color choice on your front door is the easiest way to add a pop of visual appeal to your entryway. Colors like cherry reds, navy, and even bright pinks have been frequented for reworking the curb appeal of a home, but never shy away from the bold and beautiful lack ad charcoal hues. Matte black, paired with gold or copper handles scream chic in the entrance of any space. The key is keeping the surrounding walls bright and airy to allow for a clean and monochromatic look.

Geometric details are a new and fun trend in contemporary homes. Check out the olive geometric barn door above. The clean lines and subtle color are perfect to implement into any space for a more modern touch.

The most cost effective choice for updating any entryway however is to add greenery surrounding your door. Think in layers when choosing your potted florals. Bright greens keep a modern aesthetic, while colorful flowers evoke a more inviting and cheerful feeling for visitors.

No matter the details you choose, just remember that first impressions are everything. If you're interested in making your home's first impression a memorable one, check out our Intriguing Entryways board on Pinterest for more ideas!