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Container Gardening | I just can't CONTAIN myself!

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

A recent trip to Charleston turned my morning walk into a haven of aesthetic eye candy.

The container gardens around Charleston are show stoppers. The array of colors, textures, fragrances and styles give meaning to “stop and smell the roses.” …and stop I did. We were experiencing a family emergency during this trip, so it was therapeutic to just come to a complete halt and smell the jasmine or gardenia bushes that provided a backdrop for some of these container gardens. The variations of greenery, the textures which ranged from succulent Haworthia to delicate Impatiens were captivating.

The images here offer a variety of gardens that can easily be replicated on your own porches, back patios, small gardens or condominium balconies. Some of the key techniques involved layering by colors or height, finding the right container, and planting flowers conducive to your native climate. Choosing container colors that compliment your home's exterior will give visual interest, while sustaining continuity in your design! Remember, color is key and adding greenery to your highly saturated colorful flowers will make your container garden look full and healthy! Don't contain yourself while trying this gorgeous trend!