Get To Know Us

Cheryl Douzart

Owner | Realtor | Stager and Redesigner | Certified Color Expert

    Recently retired, with no social security income until 62, I got off the sofa in pursuit of two of my dream careers, a realtor and a property stager and redesigner. It was HGTV that opened this vision to me.  I watched realtors match homes and lifestyles with buyers, and I watched stagers transform properties and saw myself doing the same. I’ve always had a voracious appetite for everything associated with design, so the natural next step for me was building a business that could feed this appetite with homes and design.

   I appreciate beautiful things that appeal to the senses, hence, the name of our company, Aesthetics Staging and Redesign. Our mission is to aesthetically and strategically showcase the pride, integrity and functionality of a space through professional staging.  Our team loves combining classic with new, exciting trends that can modernize and bring out a client’s personal connection to the space.

   I am wife, a mom of 3 daughters, and a grandma to 2 beautiful grandbabies.  It is my dream to leave them more than an insurance policy.  I have chosen to leave them a legacy, a business they can love as much as I do.   My daughters, Sarina and Alicia are an integral part of the company. Their energy, willingness to take risks and their business acumen give life to our company.  I bring years of teaching and training teachers to this new career.  I love interacting with people and spreading positive energy wherever I go. This time I take this energy from a classroom to a variety of other venues.  I’m so excited!

Alicia Douzart

Business Manager | Stager and Redesigner | Accounts and Book Keeper

     While growing up, I watched my mom decorate houses and always kept her house up to date with the latest style. I joined her on some of these decorating adventures, which, in return, caused me to fall in love with the redesigning of homes. I went off to college and decided to pursue a Business degree and further my education to a master’s degree in organizational management.


      After I finished school, I joined the work force doing finance but still felt that I was missing something in life. I would often come home and watch HGTV and tell myself how nice it would be to work for myself decorating and loving what I do for a living. My mother came to me with a great idea to start a family business, home staging and redesigning. That way we all can do what we love and work for ourselves. I could not have been more excited for this opportunity and now that my dream is finally coming true, I can honestly say I cant wait to see what my future holds.

Sarina Edwards

Business Manager | Sales and Marketing Manager | Stager and Redesigner

A love for fashion, design, and art fueled a need to create in my spirit from an early age. As a young girl, I spent countless hours reveling over fashion shows, obsessing over the new Pantone color of the year, trying to implement it in every aspect of my life that I could. I would lie next to my mother as she watched HGTV for hours, listening to her critiques and praises of other home decorators, yearning to have the design knack that she so eloquently displayed in our childhood home.


     Being the youngest of three girls in a creatively charged family has lent me the knowledge and skill for home staging and redesign that I have always dreamed of turning into a career. Feeling unfulfilled with my business degree from Florida State University, I challenged myself to pursue my dream of designing. My career path became evident as I went on to Savannah College of Art and Design for Luxury Management.


     Pouring over courses in textiles, design, managing luxury businesses, and more has given me a clear focus, and when presented with the idea to create a family business in home staging and redesign, that would create a legacy for my two baby boys, I could not let the chance slip away!